At Mike Squirrell Physiotherapy, we have fixed thousands of people’s physical problems from all walks of life and from many levels of physical performance from weekend warriors to professional athletes.

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Read some of our testimonials:

“Mike’s treatments are invaluable, and delivered real results. I noticed a significant improvement in my health and energy levels. He is truly the king of backs.”
Alistair Roland, Investment Banker, Deutsche Bank


“Cuong is fantastic. Professional, friendly, empathic, and most importantly for me, he has helped bring comfort back into my day. I’ve had a residual plantar fascia and ankle problem from my Australian Rules Football days but thanks to Cuong, my condition continues to improve. He is also pragmatic and manages my expectations superbly which is no small feat.”
Nicholas Pontt Phoebus Capital Partners, London


“I have seen Cuong for a number of issues over the last 12 months. He’s friendly, professional and explains things so that you can understand whats happening and how the treatment is going to help you. Most importantly he has helped me with whatever issues I have had and got me back to what I want to be doing as quickly as possible. Thanks Cuong”
Harry Williams Waterman Group Plc, London


“I injured my knee badly skiing and I was worried I might never ski again. Mike knew just what to do to sort me out and had me back on the sloped in 3 weeks. Amazing!!”
Kathryn Thomas, Analyst, Goldman Sachs



“My hamstring problem had plagued me for years and no amount of rehab ever seemed to be able to fix it. Mike quickly and accurately diagnosed the problem and I’ve been playing rugby pain-free ever since.”
Sean O’Neill, AXA


After several years of injury plagued running I was referred to Mike – who got me back running again, stronger and more importantly faster than before. I have now had two injury free years and would recommend his treatments to anyone who is serious about their sport.
Clive Tulloh, Burning Bright Productions 


“The first time I hobbled in to see Mike, I didn’t hold out much hope. Over the previous decade my back condition had been identified differently by a number of chiropractors and osteopaths. Through a mixture of massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture Mike had me back on the road to wellness in a couple of weeks and – unlike every other expert I’d seen – saw me only as long as he considered I needed treatment. Mike’s manner is professional and intelligent but, most importantly, he makes you confident that you can be well again.”
Greg Williams – Author, Editor US Maxim Magazine


“Since I started running 20 years ago I have always suffered from acute shin splints. I have tried every type of treatment including prolonged periods of rest. Thanks to London Physio – am injury free and hopefully rid of shin splints permanently.”
Sarah Ingwersen,  Taylor Root


“I was recommended to Mike after generally feeling unwell;  I started to see Mike regularly always with different problems, emotional and physical and he always made me feel 100% better. I trust Mike completely”.
Liz Pugh, Make-up artist for Vogue & Marie Claire


Having suffered with my back and neck following the birth of my daughter and a botched epidural, I had tremendous pain for over a year and too many times found myself unable to walk or get out of bed. I went to see numerous doctors and chiropractors but nothing helped until I met Mike Squirrel. Mike was recommended to me by my pilates teacher and words cannot describe how much he helped me. His physio technique combined with a fully comprehensive holistic approach worked magic on my injuries. To be able to get up that first day from the treatment table and walk out of his office free from pain was mind-blowing as he was the first and only person to truly help me and he did this without mind altering drugs and rough pushing and pulling. He is quite simply a miracle healer in every sense of the word and I would urge anybody with muscular or skeletal pain to seek him out as he really can make a difference to your entire quality of life.
Amanda Ghost,  Universal Records & Ex-President Epic Records 


I have undertaken rehabilitation therapy with Cuong in respect of two knee injuries and throughout enjoyed a great support and encouragement from him. Cuong’s rehab program successfully strengthened my knee and targeted the imbalance in muscles that were a key part of my problem.


I went to see Cuong after 2 separate netball injuries over the past year. He was excellent and ensured that I could get better whilst still playing as much as possible. The treatment and rehab were comprehensive and Cuong is very professional and friendly, wtih the rehab exercises well explained. I have already recommended him to several of my friends!
Nicole Clarke – Nomura


I went to see Cuong Lu with acute back pain which I believe was from a fall where I slipped on a plastic bag on a rainy day and fell straight onto my hip.  About a week or so later, I was in complete agony and neither sitting or standing made any difference to the pain that I was experiencing in my back.. it just hurt and I was worried that I had done something very serious to it because of the extent of the pain! I was referred to Cuong by my GP and was fortunate enough to have had two appointments with him, two days before going away skiing for two weeks.

During the sessions, Cuong spent some time listening to me and asked me to move in different directions to try to understand why I was in so much pain and why my movement was restricted.  He explained that what I was experiencing was that of a bruised disc.  He manipulated my back/body to help relieve this pain and also advised me on what exercises would be most beneficial to do, in my own time.

I did go skiing and found that the pain had eased considerably by the beginning of my trip to having absolute no pain by the middle of the 2nd week.  I was able to ski everyday which was something I am sure would not have been possible had I not seen Cuong.

I have absolute no reservations in recommending Cuong Lu’s services as a physiotherapist.”
Sophie Hatton