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Sports Physiotherapy London City. At Mike Squirrell Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we have all your sports injuries covered.

Mike Squirrell is one of London’s leading sports medicine specialists and regularly treats England’s top professional sports players. He also works with the ASP Surfing World Tour, Cirque du Soleil, Dance UK and X-Games International. At our state-of-the-art clinic we’ll partner with you the whole way through your rehabilitation from your first steps post-injury or post-operatively to the end-stage activities required for your sport.

Appointments call 0203 174 2120

We offer specialist treatment and rehabilitation for:

  • Back Pain – acute low back pain, chronic low back pain, sciatica, slipped disc
  • Knee Injuries – ACL injury, medial ligament tears, meniscus tears, patella Pain, Jumper’s Knee, Osgood Schlatter’s disease
  • Lower Leg and Ankle Injuries – shin splints, ankle sprain, calf strain, muscle tears, anterior compartment
  • Shoulder Injuries – rotator cuff injury, dislocated shoulder, AC joint sprain
  • Elbow Injuries – tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, bursitis
  • Foot Injuries – Plantar Fascitis, Heel pain, Foot Pain

Damon Neil


“I saw Mike after an ACL reconstruction on my right knee. Mike's rehabilitation program was comprehensive. With his professional guidance I was back on the ski and football fields stronger and fitter than ever.”

Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn Thomas

Analyst / Goldman Sachs

“I injured my knee badly skiing and I was worried I might never ski again. Mike knew just what to do to sort me out and had me back on the sloped in 3 weeks. Amazing!!”

Kelly Vickers

Kelly Vickers

/ Ernst & Young

“My upper back and shoulders had been really painful for years. Mike found the root of the problem and sorted it in just a few sessions.”

Harry Williams

Harry Williams

/ Waterman Group Plc

"I have seen Cuong for a number of issues over the last 12 months. He's friendly, professional and explains things so that you can understand whats happening and how the treatment is going to help you. Most importantly he has helped me with whatever issues I have had and got me back to what I want to be doing as quickly as possible. Thanks Cuong"

Nicholas Pontt

Nicholas Pontt

/ Phoebus Capital Partners

"Cuong is fantastic. Professional, friendly, empathic, and most importantly for me, he has helped bring comfort back into my day. I've had a residual plantar fascia and ankle problem from my Australian Rules Football days but thanks to Cuong, my condition continues to improve. He is also pragmatic and manages my expectations superbly which is no small feat."

Alistair Roland

Alistair Roland

Investment Banker / Deutsche Bank

“Mike’s treatments are invaluable, and delivered real results. I noticed a significant improvement in my health and energy levels. He is truly the king of backs.”

Sports Medicine EC2

Whether your injury is new and acute, or the chronic ‘niggle’ that just won’t go away, we will use the latest diagnostic techniques to get to the bottom of the problem.  This can include video assessment, surface EMG and motion analysis. It all comes together with hands on treatment to alleviate pain and stiffness – making you move better and taking the load from the injured part of your body.

At Mike Squirrell Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, our aim is to get you back to full-fitness and enjoying your favourite sport sooner. We offer specialist rehabilitation and return-to-fitness programs in the following areas:

  • Skiing – balance rehabilitation, leg strength, enhanced flexibility
  • Running – biomechanical assessment and correction, movement analysis, correct stretching routines
  • Football – maximum joint flexibility, warm-up and warm-down routines
  • Rugby – core strength and gym training routines, enhanced fitness
  • Dance – core stability and strength, pilates, enhanced flexibility, freedom and control of movement

We can help you understand what is casuing your problem and work with you to prevent recurrence and maximize your sporting potential.

Insurance Accepted

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